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Posted in Uncategorized by scarsonmsm on June 21, 2005

TOFP blog site in part replaces the craftbook that is usually associated with my coursework. A craftbook is a notebook I keep, and ask my students to keep, in binder form, with sections devoted to different aspects of craft. I also created a digital version for each class, usually on the discussion board of the WebCT system. Here’s the description from the class material:

Craftbooks — Each student will create their own craftbook, a three-ring binder with sections matching each of the subsections of the course materials (Point of View, Plot, Charater, etc.), in which you will keep notes, writing exercises of your own and from your fellow students, and relevant quotes about each of these topics. This craftbook will become a resource for you as you begin and draft stories, both during the class and as you continue writing afterward. If you find yoursef stuck on a particular problem in a story, it will give you somewhere to go for help.”

Some entries for the blog will be craftbook entries. I’ll precede the title with the section (e.g. Plot – Gardner’s character-driven plot model). I’m sure this will be no end of confusion from both the coursework site and blog ends of things, but at least I can say I made a note of it here.


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