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An interesting meeting…

Posted in Uncategorized by scarsonmsm on July 12, 2005

…over at the Berkman Center, where they demoed the beta of their H2O Playlist software, which supports the creation of reading lists that might be associated with courses or, say, tOFP. The lists are then cross-indexed with other lists on the system, so that you can search all playlists by keywords, titles, etc. and see what texts are used by people teaching similar things. It reminds me of University of Tokyo OCW’s MIMA search in many ways. Tools such as these will be an important glue to bind together open educational resources and to resolve the issue of relevance—i.e. as the volume of open educational content increases, educators and learners will need tools to help locate the most relevant materials. H2O Playlist will officially launch this fall, and if available to non-institutional endeavors, with be the reading list tool of choice for tOFP.


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