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So here’s a funny thing…

Posted in Uncategorized by scarsonmsm on July 27, 2005

On my passport application last night I wrote “Educational Technologist” for occupation. I think there’s something on the form about making false statements… I’m not a technology guy, really–I’m a content guy who likes to play with technology, which usually means I know just enough about technology to make me dangerous–just ask our Director of Technology. (What I know about writing is another matter entirely.) I’ve just been lucky enough to work my way into really interesting academic projects that happen to use technology.

Anyway, that’s a longwinded way of saying the last entry was a comment on technology from a content producer/deliverer point of view. By chance, a “least effective technology” story is breaking today from the viewpoint of a real technologist. I won’t claim to have a handle on all the details, but clearly, the spirit of Adam Bosworth’s message is in keeping with the LET approach.


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