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tOFP to go

Posted in Uncategorized by scarsonmsm on August 4, 2005

Last month, I posted a zip file of the entire tOFP site on the home page, and I’m happy to report that last night, a visitor downloaded a copy. I’m glad someone found the materials interesting enough to download, and I hope they’ll get good use out of it. For tOFP, these downloads are only good news, but for grant-funded projects the offline use of materials poses a dilemma–the single most influential metric by which these projects are measured is traffic to their site, and every time a user downloads material to a local machine, it drains traffic off of the live site. The purpose of many open sharing initiatives, as indicated by the explicit permission granted for the creation of derivatives, is for the materials to be adapted to local educational situations. This use, though, is really painstaking to document, and even more difficult to quantify. For me, I lose the ego boost of seeing more traffic to tOFP. For grant-funded open sharing initiatives, the lost traffic can be a much bigger problem.


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