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Another tOFP first

Posted in Uncategorized by scarsonmsm on August 7, 2005

A while back, as part of the ongoing experiment with open sharing, I posted a listing of tOFP on MERLOT, the Calfornia-based open referratory of learning objects. I noticed this morning that it has been added to the collection of one MERLOT user, an educational technologist from Monash University in Australia, in her collection titled “Interactive modules for self-directed learning.” It is listed in her collection along with the following:

Adventures in Statistics – Cartoon Learning Modules
The Scientific Method
Biological Molecules Test

Here is an example of how is is difficult to presuppose the end use of digital materials–I really don’t see tOFP as being all that revolutionary a model for self-guided learning. It’s really not that much more than a book that permits some non-linear navigation and allows in some circumstances for feedback from an instructor. Interesting that it would be picked up first as an example of interactive learning rather than a tool for teaching and learning writing. This may be an effect of the audience, though, as I think tOFP may be the only creative writing content on MERLOT (though it’s not clear where one should list creative writing materials, so there may be others I am unaware of). Still, cool to see it picked up by a MERLOT user.


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