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tOFP 2.0

Posted in Uncategorized by scarsonmsm on August 19, 2005

So it took me less time to get the site reworked for the wiki than I thought it would. I’m pleased to launch the latest iteration of tOFP, which–in addition to the wiki–includes an anthology. Of sorts. Right now it’s simply my two published stories, included under a non-commercial/no derivatives CC license. I’m going to bother a few friends for high-mileage stories (ones that are published, anthologized and otherwise marketed to their useful end as commercial entities).

I’m not including the anthology to hype my own work, or to get into the business of publishing others’, but it became clear that one limit on tOFP visitors’ ability to post craftbook entries was that they’d have a hard time with not being able to include quotes from stories they reference. The anthology is at least a start toward a body of stories that can usefully be quoted in the wiki, and stories that can be readily used as the “selected stories” students need to complete some OFP assignments. I also realized that the model that may work better for the craftbook is for visitors to blog their own entries and link out as I have done. This would allow them to use other licenses, should they prefer. Anyway, I’m pleased with the new additions–I hope visitors will be as well.

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