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JSB on producer culture in education?

Posted in Uncategorized by scarsonmsm on August 22, 2005

If you haven’t listened to John Seely Brown’s recently published (I can’t bring myself to used “podcasted” just yet–give me time) keynote speech at the University of Colorado System’s 2005 Teaching with Technology Conference, it’s well worth the hour and a half. Near the end, he even cites opencourseware sharing as one of the exciting new trends in education (though I am more pleased with the billing he gives to MIT’s studio architecture classes and the TEAL labs, as sharing those and other innovative pedagogies is the whole point of MIT OCW, and they properly deserve the attention).

I’m struck by how well his examples answer the queston I asked last week: What does education begin to look like in producer culture? He isn’t using the term producer culture, of course, but listen with an ear for how much language he uses that is directly applicable to the producer culture idea. He draws a distinction between old modes of education as “learning about” and new modes as “learning to be.” I’d add “learning about a product” versus “learning to be a producer,” whatever that means to a given field. He also discusses the rise of “serious amateurs” having a tremendous impact on particular fields. But beyond this language usage, look at how many of the examples are about students repositioning themselves as producers (either of field-specific products or their own educational experiences).

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