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By the numbers (as best I recall)

Posted in Uncategorized by scarsonmsm on September 6, 2005

Warped had a little problem with some housecleaning and has lost (I hope temporarily) the Webalizer data from last month, but here are a few of the highlights as best I can recall:

Visits: 659

Downloads of the .zip file: 9

(Some) search terms used to access the site:

narrative arc (3)
painter bernays syllabus (1)
alfred lubrano bricklayer’s boy handout (1)
tofp shoes (1)

In terms of referrers, these are what I recall:

— A Latter-Day Saints Authors discussion site carried about a seven-post thread on the value of open sharing, and drove 12 visitors to the site., a blog that links to cool stuff, brought in 3 or so visitors
— There was another recommendation, under e-learning, but it didn’t result in any visits. Nice to get the endorsement, though.

All in all, it looks to me like the site has helped at least one or two instructors prepare for the new school year. I’m glad for that.


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  1. Stephen Carson said, on September 6, 2005 at 12:28 pm

    Postscript – The data prior to Sept 3rd is in fact lost for good. Pity.

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