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Drafting – Writing crap

Posted in Uncategorized by scarsonmsm on September 8, 2005

What’s this?

Writing–at least for me–involves a depressingly large amount of failure. I’ve reached one of those points at which I feel like my writing on the novel just isn’t sharp. It’s passable–and I’m making my way through the redrafts of the existing chapters–but I don’t have that sense of being really “on.” I can tell that there’s a fair amount I’m going to end up trashing at some point, and knowing that creates a significant amount of drag on my energy for the work. I also feel like some of the more recent posts here haven’t been my best, which adds to the resistance.

Good news is I’ve reached a point with writing where I’d rather write every day and write crap than stop writing when I get discouraged. I’ve thought about taking down or editing posts here I don’t like, but the point of this space is really for me to write every day, to touch base with a different level of thinking about both writing and open sharing of educational tools. (Writing every day in this context means writing every relatively normal work day–the recent week’s gap in postings was due to business travel, not discouragement.) And so far as the novel goes, I’ve gotten used to throwing out sections large and small, so the question of whether I should toss the chapter I’ve just rewritten for the eight or ninth time isn’t as depressing as it might have been in the past. I’m also beginning to see that points of failure also usually represent new opportunities for moving forward, and so they are not necessarily dead ends. Still it would be nice to have a few really good days of writing…


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