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International Internet Forum on Open Course Content

Posted in Uncategorized by scarsonmsm on October 26, 2005

I’ve been participating in a UNESCO online forum discussing open course content for about a week now (it has a few more weeks to go), and it’s quite interesting, though cacophonous. I’m really quite impressed with the range of initiatives out there–OER is a messy field, but aren’t most emerging ones? I’ve been trying to just track and sort out the issues being raised, and here’s a quick punch list. (Feel free to note any I’ve missed if you’re also following along):

• Access in developing regions
• Searchability
• Long tail distribution opportunities
• Interactivity and discussion forums
• Colonialism
• Quality control
• Localization
• Benefits to home campus
• The how not the what–technique rather than content
• Lifelong learning
• Certification-formal vs. informal learning

It’s dead on the list of things we’ve struggled with at MIT, which is good news. At least we’re not chasing phantom issues.


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  1. […] I always have an innately skeptical reaction, though, to the issue of collaboratively created courseware, and I felt it again in reading this. I’m completely open to the possibility that it’s simply a failure of my own imagination, but I’ve heard about it on the IIEP forum, and in various discussions with colleagues, and I keep having the same reaction. […]

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