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When we last saw our hero…

Posted in Uncategorized by scarsonmsm on November 14, 2005

A post about writing–or rather, not writing. It’s evaluation silly season at OCW, which means I’ve pretty much suspended work on the novel for a few weeks. The history of this novel includes work stoppages such as this, ones that last anywhere from a few weeks to a year or so. The protagonist, Foster, spent the entire year after my son’s birth sitting in a pickup truck in the rain, waiting to go into a town meeting at the local VFW. Annabel and Foster are currently sitting on a bench in a cemetery overlooking Edenboro. She’s giving him a walking tour of the town on what is essentially their first date. I wonder about these pauses, and whether a reader will be able to sense a shift in the writing or the skill of the writer in these moments that pass quickly in the reading, but lasted so long in the writing. Generally during these pauses, I feel like my understanding of the characters grows, but my ear for good writing gets lazy. In the plot section of the coursework, I discuss the various chronologies that apply to a work of fiction. From a producer perspective, it’s interesting to think about the drafting time of a story, or how much time passes in the drafting. So far the drafting time of the story is way longer than the present time of the story….

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