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New tools for open sharing

Posted in Uncategorized by scarsonmsm on November 16, 2005

I mentioned a while back that I was working on an on-demand print version of tOFP, and at the time I was looking at Lulu Press as a printer; I’m still at work on the version, which is taking way more time than I’d hoped, but in the end I’ll make the PDF of the print version freely available on the site and make the on-demand print option available for those who’d like the nicely bound copy. I’ve actually switched to Cafe Press for the most banal of reasons. I can get tee shirts and mugs made, and I want a tOFP mug. They’ll be available for others as well, though I’d be shocked to see any sell. But for any of the above that are purchased, I’ll get $1 to plow back into tOFP, so if I sell seven a month, I can stop losing money on the project, and become the first sustainable open sharing project (other than Universia maybe) that I am aware of.

One of my wife’s students also discovered Advanced Survey, which provides free and low-cost survey tools. I’m setting up a short survey for tOFP users right now to test it out, but the free service is a workable tool so far, and the paid accounts are really very reasonably priced. More on this one later.


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