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Further experiments in open sharing

Posted in Uncategorized by scarsonmsm on November 17, 2005

So I’ve listed tOFP on Google Base, just for kicks. It looks a lot less focused a resource than I had hoped (“Wanted Ads”?), but we’ll see. I suppose if anyone can pull off what looks to be essentially a massive human-generated metadata system, it’ll be Google. I’m wondering what the implications of GB are for LO referratories (as opposed to repositories that actually publish content) like MERLOT, though. If GB has a category called “Learning Objects,” with really kick-butt search, LO referratories would seem to only offer peer-review as a value-add–and everything I’ve heard about peer-review systems developed so far seems to indicate they are really slow and labor-intensive.

Anyway, I’ve also posted a quick survey on tOFP home page, using Advanced Survey, which was really easy to do. It’ll be forever and a day, I think, before I get anyone to take it, but the tool was really easy to use, and the paid services look well within the budgets of even very modest projects.


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