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Posted in Uncategorized by scarsonmsm on February 7, 2006

So I’ve been interviewed for a podcast from the good folks at COSL. They’re running a new podcast/blog called Open Up!, and I’m the second guest after David Wiley.

A weird experience, I must say. As a writer, I’m used to being able to see and edit my words, to test things out on the page and then disagree with them. In speaking situations, I can at least clarify remarks if I don’t quite get them right.

But the podcast makes me feel more exposed somehow, like the words are out there with less review, and I have less opportunity to clarify whatever might not have come out quite right. Plus it’s maybe the second time my spoken remarks have been recorded in some way.

Anyway, it gives me new appreciation for the intrusiveness of audio and video in the classroom. In teaching both fiction and essay writing, I’ve often discussed controversial and difficult subjects in class. I think the freedom to say something you might ultimately decide you disagree with is important to such teaching, and I wonder if I might have been more self-censoring if I knew my class activites were being recorded. Probably. I wonder if it might also discourage experimentation. Something to consider…


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