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Google likes tOFP

Posted in Uncategorized by scarsonmsm on February 21, 2006

Just discovered that this illustration from tOFP is the top image returned on a Google image search for “narrative arc”:

It’s great to be getting the high return, but I really have been meaning to redo these images…


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  1. […] For better or worse, we all live in an e-universe controlled by the all-powerful and inscrutable Google.  In the eyes of the great Google, tOFP has regained favor as a resource for understanding the narrative arc.  The OFP illustration that was first the top ranking “narrative arc” picture in that search, then gone from the search entirely, has now re-emerged as the top illustration.  No clue why.  The site is also now the number two text return on a Google search for  “narrative arc.”  The site’s had a pretty steady page rank of five for the last few months, which I think is prety good.  MIT OCW is an eight.  Not surprisingly, Goole finds itself to be a perfect ten.  My new favorite toy for finding out such things, by the way, is iWebTool. […]

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