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A research agenda for OER

Posted in Uncategorized by scarsonmsm on March 6, 2006

The IIEP forum restarted, focusing on issues surfaced last fall, and beginning with a research agenda for OER. Caught me kind of off guard, but I wanted to get something out early as a contribution to the discussion, if only to vote for addressing really basic issues first. Here’s the text of the post:

I’m really pleased to see this discussion moving into the next phase. I agree with the idea of keeping the questions simple to start with. I would even suggest more basic questions, leading to a clearer picture of how OERs are currently being used. The three most basic in my mind are:

1) How do educators and learners access, identify and select OERs that meet their needs, and what barriers exist to doing so?
2) In what ways do they use OERs, what modifications do they make to resources to support these uses, and how effectively do the resources meet user needs?
3) In what ways do (or could) educators and learners make their own original OERs or derivative works available for reuse?

Simply creating an accurate picture of how OERs are currently being used today will go a long way toward creating an exchange that is sustainable, inclusive, and that generates maximum benefit for all involved.

I’m sure had I more time I could have been a little clearer and more focused, but I hope it’s a good start.


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