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Two big checks on the to-do list

Posted in Uncategorized by scarsonmsm on April 27, 2006

I won’t go so far as to claim my workload will be slacking off that much, but I have finally reached a point in the year where I can check two major items off my to-do list. First, I’ve just returned from what by all accounts seems to have been a very successful third meeting of the OpenCourseWare Consortium. The number of schools sharing materials openly is growing at a really rapid pace, and getting a group of representatives together takes a fair bit of planning, communication and relationship building. The Consortium, though, seems to have real energy behind it and a clear path going forward. More on this later, but I’m relieved to have gotten over the hurdle of planning and conducting the meeting.

The other item done on the to-do list, I’m pleased to say, is the completion of the OCW annual program evaluation findings report. It’s not quite approved for final release, and I’m sure there are some typos still lurking, but I finished the final edits and completed the pre-release final draft, which, if you are really into such information, can be accessed here. If you do look it over, I’d appreciate any and all feedback, from questions about data to copyediting notes. Once we’ve had a chance to do some final internal approvals, this will be posted (as PDF of course) to the OCW site.

So with these two items completed, for a while anyway, I feel more free to get back to–hopefully in this order–the novel, tOFP, and the blog. Every time I’ve taken a hiatus from the novel, I go though a period of getting reacquainted with the book, rediscovering things I really like about it, finding things I don’t like, and discovering new directions. It’s always hard to start putting pen to paper again, out of the sense that my writing skills are rusty and I’m going to do damage. I just have to remind myself that any damage done can be undone. It’s time for Foster and Annabel to get up off that damn bench.


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  1. […] – I moved the blog from, to a WordPress installation under the domain – I posted a pre-release draft of the MIT OCW Annual Evaluation Report (5.5 MB) to the blog, which was downloaded almost 60 times – I also posted the first edition of tOFP [ Print ] (1.8 MB) to the site, which was downloaded 16 times […]

  2. […] I’m beginning to see the question of the extent to which opencourseware is used as a reference as opposed to a resource for remix as a vital one for understanding the value of open educational resources, one that touches on a number of the more difficult issues we’re wresting with at the moment. We’ve been trying to update the scenarios of use we use in our surveys to determine how MIT OCW is being used (see the latest Evaluation Report for these), to align them better with the qualitative understanding of how the resource is found to be valuable by our users. What’s of interest to me is that many of the types of impact we’ve been able to generalize even for educators, which is the audience segment that almost exclusively remixes materials, have more to do with uses of the site as a reference. […]

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