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Whither shall go tOFP [ Wiki ]?

Posted in Uncategorized by scarsonmsm on May 24, 2006

So if I had to characterize one part of tOFP that has been a failure, it would be the Wiki-as-craftbook, mostly because it’s just not a good use for the wiki. For my needs, the categories function in WordPress will do the trick nicely, without the fuss of adding a hand-coded link each time. I was also imagining it might be used by a class, or by a general web audience, to build a collaborative craftbook, but at this point, I think RSS would work better if it ever came to pass.

The question then is how might the wiki be best used to support either my own writing or tOFP? I have to confess I’m not very interested in collaborative writing projects. I can see how they might be of interest to some, but for me, writing is an individual event. I do find peer critique to be helpful at points along the way, but really can’t imagine co-authoring a creative work such as my novel.

So I’m trying to decide now what to do with the wiki. I’ll likely be back-tagging all the old blog posts, and then creating a sidebar link category called “Craftbook” to call up all entries in craftbook categories, so the use as a craftbook will evaporate. The one use I can imagine at this point is to organize the concordance for my novel. Because I have been working on the novel in fits and starts, I know there are a lot of timeline inconsistencies and other logistical issues that need to be reconciled, and I need to have a rock-solid sense of period in some of the flashbacks.

I had started a notebook for concordance, but it was hard to keep in that format because I’m always adding dates to the timeline, and because it’s hard in notebook form to link backstory and notes to dates, etc. A wiki is well suited for this kind of thing, so I’m thinking I might build out the concordance in the wiki. There’s nothing in it that would compromise the market potential of the book (whatever that might be), and the concordance might ultimately make a nice teaching tool down the road. As I complete the latest lap through the first ten chapters, it would be nice to have all these issues straight before moving deeper into the book, provided it doesn’t suck momentum out of the drafting.


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