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tOFP by the numbers (the May 06 edition): Of apples and oranges

Posted in Uncategorized by scarsonmsm on June 2, 2006

So another good month for tOFP, but with a couple or three caveats. Second-best month by visits since launch, and an enormous jump in kbs served, but…

– I moved the blog from, to a WordPress installation under the domain
– I posted a pre-release draft of the MIT OCW Annual Evaluation Report (5.5 MB) to the blog, which was downloaded almost 60 times
– I also posted the first edition of tOFP [ Print ] (1.8 MB) to the site, which was downloaded 16 times

Now I’m sure that some of the downloads of the above two documents were search engines, but nonetheless, still nice to see some interest in both.

Anyway, the goods:

May 2006 (PDF)


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  1. […] The apples to oranges caveats still apply, but nonetheless a best-ever for tOFP, with 3,944 visits.  Interestingly, the volume was turned up after I reposted the site with the Google search box added.  Kinda makes you wonder if Google gives extra weight to pages that contain the word “Google.”  Conspiracy theory?  Perhaps. […]

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