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A tOFP format note

Posted in Uncategorized by scarsonmsm on July 7, 2006

While the interaction with search engines has some impact on this, it interesting to note that with the tOFP [ Print ] version now available, there was little or no interest in the zip file of the site. In June, no downloads of the zip file were recorded (it’s possible that a single one was initiated, as a single zip download would not have placed among top URLs by kbs), while the tOFP [ Print ] 1st edition was downloaded 40 times.

The pdf print version is being crawled by search engines (and the zip is not), so some of the difference represents indexing traffic, but still, the best month for zip downloads registered 6 downloads. If few zip downloads continue to be initiated and I continue to record high numbers of pdf downloads, this would seem to indicate a clear preference for pdf over zip as an OER format choice, at least in the tOFP context.


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