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It’s brandtastic

Posted in Uncategorized by scarsonmsm on July 25, 2006

One of the challenges facing both the OCW movement and the larger OER movement is establishing a recognized brand, so that educators and learners will know at a glance what a particular piece of educational material is and how it may be used. Right now, at least in my view, there’s still a very small number of educators and learners who really understand the concepts behind OER and OCW, and the success of both movements will require reaching a broader audience. The OCW Consortium portal and the mutually reinforcing publishing models of the members are tools for building this brand recognition for OCW.

OER has more challenges in this regard because of the variey of really interesting but often confusing models at play. Hewlett has taken an important step in building this brand, though, with the development of the logo below. I’m not sure yet what the rules for using the logo might be (whether, for instance, it’s for use by Hewlett grantees only, or institutions only, etc.) but it’s a great way to begin tying these projects together.



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