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tOFP by the Numbers [ July 06 ]

Posted in Uncategorized by scarsonmsm on August 16, 2006

For MIT OCW, July has always been the annual low-water mark for traffic, so I’m not surprised to see somewhat of a dip in visits to tOFP. Still a strong month though, with the second-highest visit total so far at 3330.

Items of note:

  • The MIT OCW 05 Final Evaluation report was downloaded 594 times, a really striking number for a document I assume few people actually read. Not clear how much of this is indexing.
  • 23 downloads of tOFP [ Print ], which I think is great (though with the indexing caveat as above)
  • 117 views of Tom’s story, which either means he’s a better writer (which he is) or there are a lot of people out there interested in tickle torture (which there are), or both.
  • 22 visitors came to the site off of Google searches for “narrative arc,” which is fast becoming the most frequent search term by a wide margin.

The numbers:

More details: July 2006 (PDF)


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