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A discussion worth having

Posted in Uncategorized by scarsonmsm on September 2, 2006

One of the discussions I’m interested in having with other OCW projects from around the world is on how OCW is working in concert with national educational policies.  OCW has been embraced in one way or another at the national educational policy in Vietnam, China, India and the Netherlands (so far as I’m aware).  Vietnam, India and China are all facing the prospects of upgrading antiquated educational system to meet an almost endless demand.  I’m less familiar with the Dutch and why open content has gotten traction there.

There’s no doubt though that we’re reaching our own crisis point with education in the US, and I’d argue that a focus on the best and most innovative teaching strategies (via open content) holds more promise than a continued focus on standardized testing, which is driving US students away from STEM subjects rather than toward them.  But the sound bite lure of standards, coupled with the commercial opposition to open source software (which continues to do collateral damage to open content), makes it hard to get traction so far in discussions at the national level here in the US.  Still, good to see some progress made.  But perhaps, as with OCW itself, adoption in to national policy abroad can stimulate activity here at home.


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