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Educational professionals rate MIT OCW as a top source of educational content

Posted in Uncategorized by scarsonmsm on February 14, 2007

From a recently released IMS survey, MIT OCW received high marks for user satisfaction among educational professionals. (Respondents: 31% of the respondents were executive administrators. 7% were deans or academic program or department leaders. 50% were information technology or instructional support staff. 11% were faculty.) We came in fourth, just behind Google Search, Wikipedia, and Cisco Academies–not bad company (notice none of these are commercial publishers of academic content). The commercial publishers came in grouped in a second tier below these open and non-traditional resources and MERLOT also made the list. An impressive showing for the open content crowd. I’ve included the relevant section from page 40 here. (Thanks, David)

Content, Authoring, and Assessment Satisfaction

There are a wide variety of sources of digital content to either form the basis of or supplement online courses. Three of the top four rated products, and perhaps all four, could be considered new or non-traditional approaches. Top honors went to Google search, followed by Wikipedia, both new sources enabled by the ubiquitous Internet. Next was the content from Cisco through the Cisco Academies program. While this effort has been around for many years now, it does represent a more self-paced, non-traditional approach. Fourth place goes to the MIT Open Courseware project. Clustered in another tier below the leaders were the digital assets provided by the educational publishers and the Merlot project, along with Google Scholar.


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