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I do love Google Analytics

Posted in Uncategorized by scarsonmsm on July 25, 2007

I’m not sure how well it works for high-traffic sites, but I do love having Google Analytics on tOFP. It may count way fewer visits than Webalizer, but I can see visitor are averaging nearly four pages a visit, and there’s nothing like a full list of search terms from the past month to let you know the right people are finding your site:

narrative arc
fictional narrative
fictional narratives
cover letter for publication
improving prose
narrative tension
arc narrative
dramatic question
evocative description
plot structures
prose styles
realist techniques
writing exercises p.o.v.
good prose style
narrative arc diagram
open source for “creative writing”
point of view, examples
a vivid description of a fictional character
beginning paragraph problems
best prose style
character exercises
character in a story
chronology narrative story
creative writing exercises examples
critical reflection exercises
descriptive mode of prose
developing prose
developing the fictional world through mapping
dialog passage
dialogue indirect
epiphany the narrative technique
example narrative assignments
example of explanation writing
examples of a story beginning
examples of fictional narrative writing
examples of narratives with epiphany
fiction workshop syllabus using “what if?”
fiction writing syllabus anthology
fictional narrative unit
first person point of view
four basic components of fictional stories
gardner “psychic distance”
grammar fiction dialog
how does point of view affect narration
how to write dialogue correctly
imitating prose style
indentation of dialogue in fiction
indirect dialogue
indirect discourse writing
john gardner “the art of fiction” syllabus
john gardner psychic distance
letter of submission publication dear editor
narrative learning outcomes
narrative pace
narrative pace (fiction)
narrative tenses examples and explanation
narrative tension arc
narrative writing, exercises
plot narrative arc
plot structure of fiction
point of view & tense
point of view exercises
point of view psychic distance
psychic distance
psychic distance + fiction
psychic distance fiction
psychic distance in fiction
punctuation rules for dialogue
rewrite sentence
scene summary
setting of michael cunningham “white angel
short story project
starting of stories with paragraph
story character definition
summary writing exercise
syllabus american short fiction
the beginning of a narrative
third-person narrative point of view
types of prose style
useful vocabulary for discussion
what characters want
what do characters want
white angel michael cunningham
writing a plot outline
writing and narative explanation
writing critique exercises
writing reflection examples
narrative of epiphany example
what is fictional narrative writing


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