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tOFP by the numbers [ July 07 ]

Posted in Uncategorized by scarsonmsm on August 8, 2007

Numbers for tOFP still look healthy, with more than 18,000 visits reported by Webalizer. I continue to be impressed by how different the Webalizer stats are from the Google Analytics readings. I’m attaching the two Google Analytics reports for the same time period, which show a combined 515 visits.

I tend to trust the Google numbers a bit more. The GA courseware report also shows a big spike in page views at the beginning of the month that Webalizer misses, which looks like real user behavior to me.

Anyhoo, 36 downloads of tOFP [ Print ] which is a drop from previous months, but it is summer.

Here’s the overview:

Here are the details.

Here are the Google courseware numbers.

Here are the Google blog numbers.


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