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Japan OpenCourseWare Survey 2008

Posted in Uncategorized by scarsonmsm on February 13, 2008

goo Research has conducted a follow-up to last year’s survey on Japanese attitudes toward OpenCourseWare, and as with last year, What Japan Thinks is kind enough to make it available. Good numbers all around with modest increases in awareness of OCW. What caught my eye this year was the final question:

Q10: What do you think is the more important point regarding using OpenCourseWare? (Sample size=1,000)

Easy-to-understand lectures 28.9%
Rich selection of courses 20.3%
Interesting lecture themes 19.0%
Availability of audio, video of lectures 10.9%
Lots of universities participating 7.2%
Can buy text books on the High Street 4.3%
Can ask questions to the lecturers 3.6%
Highly-topical research fields 2.7%
Being able to communicate with others using the same OpenCourseWare 1.9%
Well-known lecturers 0.8%
Other 0.4%

This is likely in some ways a reflection of cultural teaching and learning practices, but there is a marked preference for more content over more interactivity with professors or other learners.


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