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Cost per Course?

Posted in Uncategorized by scarsonmsm on February 13, 2009

Jared Stein has an interesting post rating the remixibility of various OER resources, a good read and a reminder of the barriers faced by someone wanting to create derivatives.  An important element not captured–no fault of his because it’s hard to get–is cost per course.  In other words, what does it take to produce a course that rates 3.0 on his scale as opposed to 5.0?  What is the difference in cost when starting from scratch as opposed to publishing existing content that is produced in multiple original formats?  What is the cost of updating a course once produced in a particular format?

Costs are important because they lead to trade-offs in the overall volume of materials published.  If you subscribe to the view that only one or two really killer versions of each course are needed then total volume is not as important, but if you are trying to publish materials from a broad spectrum of institutions and cultures, the cost of production is an immense barrier.


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