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Posted in MIT OpenCourseWare, sustainability by scarsonmsm on October 6, 2009

ask_4Most of my professional time in the past few months has been spent implementing some new sustainability initiatives on the OCW site.  The pilot stages of some of them are beginning to appear on the site.  One prominent one is the new Course Champions program, essentially a “buy-a-brick” model that allows OCW supporters to have their gift recognized on a specific OCW course.

The program itself is deceptively simple, but launching this plus some of the other initiatives we’ve just gotten under way has been a tremendous amount of stakeholder communication, reflecting the complexity of working within a major educational insitution.  I can safely say that getting these programs off the ground required a higher volume of daily e-mail communication duing the pilot launch that did publishing many of the actual courses I worked on.

The sustainability programs we are rolling out this fall are the ones we feel we can handle on our own, given stakeholder buy in.  The next steps down the path might include initiatives that require not just the buy-in of the community, but the active involvement at some level of portions of the community.  I’m trying to imagine the level of communication and coordination for some of these next steps, and getting tired already.


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