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Sustainability overview for MIT OpenCourseWare

Posted in MIT OpenCourseWare, sustainability by scarsonmsm on October 21, 2009

In the latest edition of the MIT Faculty Newsletter, we’ve published an article updating the MIT community on the current financial situation of MIT OpenCourseWare, and it serves as an excellent snapshot of where we are at this point in addressing the project’s revenue needs (and also a laundry list of the things I’ve been spending my time on).

In general, we’re moving from exploration to implementation on a couple of programs OCW is well-positioned to execute on independently with the approval of stakeholders (small gifts, the Course Champions program), and participating in broader discussions of how OCW might continue to serve its mission while acting as infrastructure for other types of Insititute initiatives requiring broader MIT community contributions.

It’s important to note that these are all in the brainstorming and evaluation stages, but they indicate some of the directions the community discussion has taken.  One big takeaway: there is no single silver bullet, but there is likely a combination of approaches that can work in the long run.


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