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OCW comes home

Posted in OpenCourseWare, OpenCourseWare Consortium by scarsonmsm on October 22, 2009

For me anyway.  NERCOMP held a session on OpenCourseWare at the Four Points Sheraton in sleepy little Norwood, MA—about a mile from my house—and what a pleasant time.  I got to see many of my favorite people from local OCW projects, who I sadly see less frequently than some of the international participants.

Eileen McMahon, Senior Instructional Designer, University of Massachusetts —Boston and Robbin Smith of Tufts OCW co-organized the session and two of my MIT colleagues—Lindsey Weeramuni and and Kate James—gave really great presentations. Former OCW Consortium Interim Executive Director and good friend Terri Bays was up from Yale and spoke as well.  And a really special surprise was seeing Kimberly Hall, a friend and former colleague from my time at Emerson College.

But just as exciting as seeing all the good folks in the community was the presence of so many regional institutions interested in OCW.  There were at least a half dozen New England colleges and universities represented that I hadn’t previously known to be interested in OCW.  It makes me reconsider the idea of a New England chapter of the OCW Consortium.  I also had the chance to say hi to Ken Udas, late of Penn State and now moved to UMass Online.  Really great to have a thought leader like Ken in the area.

All in all, a day well spent.


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