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What looks like hope

Posted in Evaluation, MIT OpenCourseWare, OpenCourseWare, web metrics by scarsonmsm on October 28, 2009

While I think that OCW has a lot to offer the schools that participate and people in developed economies, it is the impact OCW can have on the developing world that really gets me jazzed.  In particular, what OCW has to offer regions that the US has historically been at odds with.

Iran is a clear case.  A large percentage of the population is young, opportunities are limited, and the government teaches antipathy toward the US.  OCW (at least from the US schools) provides another view of the US and what it has to offer.  Here’s a snapshot of our analytics that gives me hope that we can develop a bridge to young Iranians seeking a more positive future.

Map of Iran showing more than 130,000 visits from 39 cities.

Hopeful metrics.

These are 2009 visits to date.  What I like best is that there are 39 cities represented here.  A map of Afghanistan or Pakistan shows visits mostly in the main urban centers (obviously infrastructure is a big reason) but in Iran, our site is being accessed by people throughout the country in sifgnificant numbers.


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