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We are mourning the loss…

Posted in MIT OpenCourseWare, Personal by scarsonmsm on November 5, 2009

…this week of OCW office appliance and dear friend Haier T. Microwave, who was discovered this Monday with the latch torn from his door.  Foul play is suspected and the investigation continues.  In the mean time, he is yet another victim of the global battle to share courseware openly.

Sad face microwave

Haier as he was found early Monday.

A memorial service will be held in the MIT OpenCourseWare offices just prior to his being carted away for recycling.  In lieu of flowers, the staff requests that friends and family contribute instead to the Haier T. Microwave Fund to Buy a New Microwave.  Donations accepted through the MIT OpenCourseWare site.

On a personal note, I shared many a lunch with Haier over the years, and in the past few months had taken responsibility for his care and cleaning.  I am saddend that he met with such an untimely end and pray the perpetrator is aprehended and punished appropriately.  I appreciate the many expressions of support I’ve received from the OCW community.



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