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Open content on the horizon

A new report out from the New Media Consortium and EDUCAUSE identifies open content as a trend that will go mainstream in 2010.  Quoteth the executive summary:

Open content, also expected to reach mainstream use in the next twelve months, is the current form of a movement that began nearly a decade ago, when schools like MIT began to make their course content freely available. Today, there is a tremendous variety of open content, and in many parts of the world, open content represents a profound shift in the way students study and learn. Far more than a collection of free online course materials, the open content movement is a response to the rising costs of education, the desire for access to learning in areas where such access is difficult, and an expression of student choice about when and how to learn.

The body of the report provides a great overview of the state of the movement, though completely misses the role of the OCW Consortium in fostering and highlighting the global body of open course materials–now an estimated 13,000 courses and growing by leaps and bounds.  Still, great to see open content becoming more widely recognized and a testament to a decade of hard work on the part of folks working on OA journals, open text books, eduCommons and Moodle, Creative Commons, Connexions, Hippocampus, OpenCourseWares, Wikipedia…and on and on and on.


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