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OCW Staff Showcase

Posted in MIT OpenCourseWare, OpenCourseWare by scarsonmsm on March 16, 2010

Every so often we do a staff showcase of recently published courses. These are picks by the folks who work so hard to get them published. Here are the ones from today’s session:

21W.749 / CMS.935 Documentary Photography and Photojournalism: Still Images of a World in Motion

Some really nice image galleries in here. I especially like the one exploring laundromats as social spaces. (Chosen by Rita Sahu.)

21M.342 Composing for Jazz Orchestra

Videos of these unique approaches to composition. Capturing humanities classes in the OCW format has been an ongoing challenge for us, and the camerawork here really captures the dynamics of the course. (Chosen by Curt Newton.)

8.02 Electricity and Magnetism

This was a preview of some not-quite-live new elements to this very popular course. Walter Lewin apparently recorded some help sessions in conjunction with this course some years back, which we’ve recovered and are adding. They include a jazzy soundtrack. In total, there are 25 hours worth of problem-solving fun. Also some new visualizations and simulations from the TEAL version of the course. Coming this fall. (Chosen by Elizabeth DeRienzo.)

5.95J / 6.982J / 7.59J / 8.395J / 18.094J Teaching College-Level Science and Engineering

One of the courses supported by one of our new Course Champions. Great materials for those without a science background who are pressed into such service. Concentrates on subject mastery. Includes videos of key discussion sessions. (Chosen by Fred Jao.)

Supplemental Resources

Our supplemental resources have gotten a face lift, with new pages structuring them and zip packages to support download. These oft-overlooked resources are some of the real gems on the site. (Chosen by Kate James.)


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