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Another Big Numbers Post: 100 M Visits

Posted in MIT OpenCourseWare, Open Educational Resources, OpenCourseWare, web metrics by scarsonmsm on July 12, 2010

MIT OpenCourseWare hit another big number recently: 100 M visits. This represents visits to the OCW site and to our translation partner sites (note: this figure does not include traffic to the CORE translations from the past year, as they have been serving up content but not reporting traffic.)

Along with this big number, the others keep growing. A sampling of figures just for the MIT OpenCourseWare site (not including translations):

  • Total visits: 68 M
  • Page Views: 512 M
  • Hits: 4.84 B
  • MIT domain visits: 1.1 M
  • .Zip file downloads: 11.7 M
  • iTunes U downloads: 11.5 M
  • YouTube views: 11.3 M

I am nothing short of astounded by these numbers and how they have grown.


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