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MIT OpenCourseWare pilots study groups with OpenStudy

Posted in MIT OpenCourseWare, open education, Open Educational Resources, OpenCourseWare by scarsonmsm on August 3, 2010

MIT OpenCourseWare has paired up with OpenStudy to offer study groups in association with three OCW courses. Developed by researchers at Georgia Tech and Emory, and funded by the NSF and NIH, OpenStudy is a unique platform for collaborative learning. Try it out yourself:


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  1. […] 3, 2010 · Leave a Comment Steve Carson reports that MIT OCW is partnering with OpenStudy to provide an opportunity for people to participate in […]

  2. […] OpenStudy has joined with MIT OpenCourseWare to offer study groups in conjunction with three OCW courses: Single Variable Calculus, Chinese I, and Introduction to Computer Science and Programming. Source: OpenFiction […]

  3. […] education by scarsonmsm on August 23, 2010 Just returned from a vacation and took a peek at the OpenStudy courses. Thrilled to see the uptake on the […]

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