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If you didn’t see it…

Posted in open education, Open Educational Resources, OpenCourseWare, OpenCourseWare Consortium by scarsonmsm on December 16, 2010

…do read Marc Parry’s excellent piece on accessibility of college websites and digital course materials. While the article focuses primarily on college websites and materials used or enrolled classes, it mentions the difficulties created by non-ADA compliant open educational resources:

Inaccessibility is a major issue for the movement to post educational content free on the Internet. Hundreds of colleges have spent tens of millions of dollars producing lecture videos, notes, syllabi, and other free online materials. But Hal Plotkin, a senior policy adviser in the Education Department, says he would be surprised if more than 10 percent of these open educational resources are fully accessible. That flaw has “dramatically” held back their deployment, says Mr. Plotkin, a former community-college trustee in California.

This highlights the importance of regularly reviewing and improving accessibility efforts in your OCW publication process. OER that are not accessible are not adoptable in many circumstances.


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