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A long time coming: More OCW benefits

I alluded to this case study a while back, but like everything else, it’s taken more time than anticipated to get it out the door.  In a prior post, I mentioned that I had a case study illustrating how educator reuse of OCW materials is not simply plug-and-play adoption.  I finally have that case study out as part of our “Decade of OCW Benefits” series.

I think it’s worth taking a look at the different ways the OCW resource helped out Professor Talbert.

  • To update his skills: “The OCW course was actually my re-training course in programming in general, and then I adapted what I was learning generally about programming to the particulars of my course.”
  • As inspiration for course design:”OCW was an inspiration to me to put a fair amount of programming in the class at all — the course proved to me that you can teach elementary programming concepts in a clear, comprehensible way that is accessible to freshmen.”
  • An inspiration for assignment design: “I certainly made this homework problem up intending to replicate what Professor Guttag was doing.”
  • Resources for his students: Talbert planned to teach using an “inverted classroom” approach, in which students acquire the bulk of the course information outside of class, through print and media resources, do preparatory homework assignments, and then put their basic knowledge to work through in-class lab activities.

Not a lot of this falls under the kinds of direct adoption/cost savings issues discussed in the previous post.  Did all of this save any money?  Probably not.  Did it improve the quality of his course.  He believes so.

My thanks to Robert Talbert for sharing his OCW experiences.


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