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OCW and OER: Who’s in?

In preparation for the upcoming OCW Consortium meeting, I’ve been surveying the OCW/OER landscape, and come up with what is (for me, anyway) a bit of a startling observation: the number of universities in the 2010 US News World’s Best Universities list that have significant OCW/OER programs underway. By my count, 9 of the top 25, and 15 of the top 50.

This is in no way to downplay the importance of the hundreds of other universities worldwide that are sharing their materials as well. The less resourced universities that serve larger and less prepared student populations provide some of the most valuable materials, but if you want a measure of where the world’s leading universities are in their thinking about OCW and OER, this is worth considering.

Here’s who I see in the list:

Johns Hopkins*
University of Tokyo*
UC Berkeley*
Carnegie Mellon
Ecole Polytechnique*
Seoul National*

* Members of the OCW Consortium.


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