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Those of you who know me

Posted in Personal by scarsonmsm on May 17, 2011

know my son Daniel is a cancer survivor, and we do what we can to support the clinic that treated him. This year, Daniel and his sister are taking part in a kids bike ride to support the Dana Farber center and the Jimmy Fund Clinic. Here are their handcrafted fundraising messages:


Hi, it’s me, Olivia.

I am doing the PMC Kids Bike Ride that benefits the Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber. I’m doing this because raising money for cancer is special to me because my brother had cancer. Daniel had very good care at the Jimmy Fund and luckily, there was a cure for his type of cancer. For some children (and adults) there are no cures for their types of cancer and giving money to cancer research lets the doctors buy what they need to look for cures and equipment to take care of people who have cancer. I’m trying to raise $100 for cancer research and I need a little help from you. Please support my PMC Bike Ride to help children with cancer leave the Jimmy Fund and play with their siblings again. Thank you! I love you all.


Hi! It’s me, Daniel.

I’m riding in the PMC Kids Ride to raise money for the Jimmy Fund.

I’m doing this because it’s nice and I survived cancer!

I survived cancer because there was a cure.

People raised enough money to the doctors for them to find a cure for my Wilms Tumor type of cancer.

Please make a donation to my PMC Kids Ride!

I want you to do this for the children who have cancer and aren’t cured yet.

Kids not as lucky as me.

Please visit my profile at to sponsor me.

Thank you!!

I love you.




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