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Just spreadin’ the word – conference

Posted in Open Educational Resources, OpenCourseWare by scarsonmsm on October 21, 2011


Centro Interfacoltà di Linguistica Teorica ed Applicata (CILTA)
University of
Bologna, 29-30 March 2012

This two-day conference focuses on the impact of adopting openness as a key principle in education. It explores how open resources, open practices and open communication can be integrated in language teaching and learning, and in the initial and continuing development of language teachers.


  • theories that underpin openness as a key principle in education
  • using of OER in teaching and/or course development, including reusing and re-purposing existing resources for different contexts or resource-based learning
  • integrating learner-generated content into language courses
  • developing a culture of sharing amongst the teaching community (barriers to and advantages of sharing)
  • sharing resources and/or practices in teacher education (e.g. through peer review of resources)
  • sharing resources and intellectual capital with others to raise individual or institutional profiles (e.g. through publishing resources on itunes U, or through a resource repository, open access publishing of research papers )
  • promoting learner communication in ‘open’ environments (e.g. through online gaming, virtual worlds, international discussion boards (Hanna and de Nooy), blogs …) 
  • facilitating open communication in CMC – where ‘sensitive’ topics can be broached and diverse opinions are valued.

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