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You’ve got (direct) mail

Posted in advertising, sustainability, the OpenFiction Project by scarsonmsm on September 4, 2009

In what I first thought was some kind of a spoof, I received a letter yesterday from the Google-monster. An in-the-USPS-written-on-honest-to-goodness-paper letter addressed to “Marketing Manager, TOFP.” I suppose I technically am the marketing manager for tOFP, but I have yet to add Google ads to the site, or to consider buying ads to drive more traffic. I wonder if they bought the contact from my hosting service, Warped, or if they just pulled it out of the cloud.

The letter helpfully informs:

See how quickly and easily you can attract new customers by advertising on Google (TM). With Google AdWords, Google’s online advertising program, you can easily create ads that appear next to relevant search results on and its network of partner web sites. When people click on your ad, they’re connected to your business. Get started with this special offer of $100 in free advertising and see what Google AdWords can do for you.

It’s like seeing a whale fly. I really hadn’t ever considered that Google did anything that wasn’t digital.