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NYU Open Learning launches

Posted in Open Educational Resources, OpenCourseWare, Video by scarsonmsm on October 18, 2010

NYU has launched their Open Education site with two courses featuring full video. The description of the pilot includes an outline of NYU’s ambitious agenda for integrating these materials with their regular student experience:

  • Public Content: With public content as the core objective of the pilot, plans are underway to begin publishing the first round of open content online for Fall 2010.
  • Student Interaction with Content: The longer term vision for the project aims to enable the use of tools for online discussion, annotation, bookmarking, and other capabilities that can add to the effectiveness of students’ online experience. These new forms of student participation – which would accompany face‐to‐face classes, peer‐to‐peer interaction, and office‐based faculty mentoring – could eventually be included in a student’s grades in particular courses.
  • Reuse and Extensibility of Course Content: With the number of NYU’s global sites doubling in the past five years, the potential for technology to aid the delivery of background lectures across the globe is growing, the potential for re‐use of course content is growing. For example, recordings of high‐quality introductory lectures given by NYU faculty could be assigned to new students for review prior to the first class meeting, regardless of location. This reuse of content could also help to free up “seat” time, as high-consensus content could be provided online, leaving more time for increased student participation in face‐to‐face class discussion.
  • NYU Outreach: One additional objective of the project is to enhance the world‐wide exposure of the high quality scholarship at NYU. A recent survey of incoming freshmen conducted by MIT found that “35 percent of MIT freshmen who knew about the OpenCourseWare initiative reported that availability of the materials significantly influenced their decision to attend the institution.”

Harvard does OpenCourseWare

Posted in open education, Open Educational Resources, OpenCourseWare, Video by scarsonmsm on September 1, 2010

So I’ve been watching these courses coming up on the web recently, but had not until now seen the front page that organizes them as the Harvard Open Learning Initiative from the Harvard Extension School. A really nice collection of video courses–congratulations to the Extension School for getting them up!

NJIT OpenCourseWare Launches

Posted in Open Educational Resources, OpenCourseWare, Video by scarsonmsm on April 29, 2010

I had a wonderful time yesterday visiting with the staff, administration and guests at the New Jersey Institute of Technology during yesterday’s Open U Day. Thanks to Gale Spak and Bill Reynolds for being such wonderful hosts, and for the warm welcome from Don Sebastian, Rich Sweeny, Jim Robertson and others.

I was also thrilled to see the recently launched NJIT OpenCourseWare, which contains 18 video courses and should hit 36 very soon, making it one of the larger collections of video courses in the Consortium. A special shout out to Blake Haggerty, the one-man band that helps faculty get the materials on line.

Congrats to the entire team there and to NJIT for showing institutional commitment at all levels to open sharing. Great to have NJIT as part of the OpenCourseWare community.

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